SEO For Small Business Websites

SEO For Small Business

SEO for small business websites provide for a great way to market oneself. This method of advertisement involves writing articles about someone or something incorporating your keywords and then publish the work through a website. Sites like Blogger, Yahoo-answers and WordPress are great sites to blog about a small business for exposure. To start off, one should sign up to the site which is typically free. Begin writing articles on your topic using your keywords once you’ve finished the preliminary registration process.

How to Keywords affect SEO for Small Business

Keyword rich articles are the core of SEO writing. This involves writing articles that pertain to a particular topic. Take this article for example. It is filled with keywords on the topic of SEO for small business websites. Such keywords like “keyword rich articles” and “SEO for small business websites” are directly related to the topic of this article: “SEO For Small Business Websites”. This allows search engines like Google to use their “web-crawlers” to better find your particular article, while surfing the web. Some of these crawlers are so intricate that they even search the links that you may provide on your site for further related material pertaining to your topic and original article. The more relative information that you provide,the better. This will determine your ultimate placement within the archived pages of Google as they determine your page-rank.

SEO For Small Business

How do Articles affect SEO for Small Business

So basically, the more articles that you write with relative information, the more you will increase your chances of being picked up by Google and given a high page-rank that lists you at the forefront of user queries. This in turn increases exposure of your website, while also increasing chances for people to click on your page and make a purchase or find out about your service. This also proves as the most cost effective and efficient form of advertising & marketing for businesses as it requires no upfront costs nor overhead. If you would like help with your SEO for Small Business be sure to check out our SEO Services page.

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