FaceBook Timeline set-up for Business

You may already have a FaceBook fanpage for your business or you may have been considering one, but the Facebook update to Timeline has changed the game.  There are rules that business need to follow to be compliant with the new FaceBook rules.

Facebook is and has always been a social platform.  It was never meant for business to promote their products and services.  That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t, in fact you should!  It does mean that you need to use FaceBook for the intended purpose… to be social.  Instead of just being a billboard for your product or services, you can use FaceBook to generate interest and an interactive experience for your customers.  Create fans of your business, not just customers.

Facebook timeline setup

Now, more than ever, Google is looking at your businesses social presence.  In fact, they expect you to have one.  It is believed that Google has added weight to your social aspect in their algorithm for determining ranking.  Many of the top SEO experts believe that if you don’t utilize FaceBook and other social sites, you are handicapping your chances of ranking.  The more competitive your market, the more important to utilize your FaceBook fanpage to your advantage.

The Timeline format presents new challenges for business.  Getting your message across in an effective manner will take some thought and planning.  The update to FaceBook is intended to help individuals share their life story in an efficient format, make it easier to let other people know what you are about and the events in your life.  Well, your business has a life of its own.  Your business has a story to tell and events to promote.  With the right guidance you can use FaceBook, as it is intended and to your advantage.

Twin Oaks Marketing can help you create a FaceBook fan page that will help propel your business into the social realm.   Let us help you to use this powerful tool to your advantage.  Never in the history of advertising has a business had such a potential for increasing its sales at such a low cost.  When done well, your FaceBook fanpage can be your businesses  best advertising medium.

Our internet marketing experience with SEO, mobile, SMS text messaging as well as our FaceBook expertise can help you with your internet marketing strategy.  Don’t let the FaceBook timeline change intimidate you.  Give us a call and let us help you incorporate a social presence into your business.

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