Mobile Web Design

Mobile Web Design

All aboard the Mobile Web Design Express!  You don’t want to miss this train… it is the ride of a lifetime!  Never has a trend taken hold so fast and so dramatically.  This is changing the rules of marketing and you really can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

How can you give your customers instant access to your coupons, specials, new videos and the latest information about your business?   Learn more about how Mobile Marketing can help your local business increase sales…..

Is Mobile Web Design just a fad?

Mobile web design Janesville Mobile Marketing is the wave of the future and those who don’t think so will be eating the dust of their competitors.  It is a gold mine….better yet, it is a diamond mine.  Did you know that there are 4 TIMES as many mobile phone users as internet users and more coming on board every day?  Did you know that there are over 3 BILLION, yes that’s billion with a B , iphone apps downloaded?  That’s not to mention the Blackberry and Android downloads from their own app stores.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  People today are using their mobile phones as the “go to” place for information.  They are using their smart phone to look you up, instead of using the old fashioned way of looking in the yellow pages.  They are looking for your hours, your specials, your menu or products, your services, all before they step foot in your door. They make reservations, place orders or set up appointments straight from their phone.   Is your website ready for them?

Do Businesses really need Mobile Web Design?

Mobile advertising has a 10 TIMES higher click through rate.  This means that more of your customers or potential customers are likely to actually click on your ad to see what you have to offer.  The power this gives your advertising dollar is phenomenal!

First you must be sure that your site looks great on a mobile screen.  It is important that your customer has a good experience on your site in a mobile format.  There are ways to modify your site to make it easier to use on a smart phone.  Is your site mobile ready?

Next, get a mobile marketing strategy together to use the new technology to your full advantage.  Social networks that have developed are now major players in the communication of millions of people.  This is the new “word of mouth”.  How can you use mobile marketing to get the word out that you are the best choice for them?  How can you get coupons and specials to your customer to get them in the door?  Never has one device offered such an opportunity to get your message in front of your customers quickly and at such a low cost.  Do you know how to use this technology to your advantage?

Give us a call or just put your information into the box and we will contact you.  Get on board to fastest way to the top of your market with mobile web design as part of your plan!

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