Lead Capture Page Design

Lead Capture Page

Our professional services can help to design a lead capture page to get results.

Let’s talk a bit about what a lead capture page is and how it can help your Local Janesville Business.

What is a Lead Capture Page?

It is a simple web page designed for the sole purpose of convincing your potential customer to give you his or her valid e-mail address.  Period.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Sounds simple? ….. Not so much!

Lead Capture Page

What it is not is a page on your website.  It is a free standing site that can be promoted on its own.  It is simple in nature, but it a very valuable tool in your internet marketing strategy.

The question you must answer is:  Why would I give you my email address?  I know that I will probably get all kinds of junk by giving away my address because I have been the victim of spam in the past, so I don’t give it away freely.  I need to be convinced that I am getting something more valuable than I am giving and that I am safe in giving it to you.  Don’t think for a moment that you will get a valid email address just by asking for it, but don’t make the mistake of not asking!

The design of this page is extremely important and has been studied by many of the top internet marketers.  Did you know that the reader’s eye doesn’t read the page from top to bottom, left to right as we might expect.  There are spots on the page that the eye is drawn to and techniques to draw the reader’s attention.   Did you know that the box to capture the email address has a better return rate if it is a certain color?  We do!

The design of the Lead Capture Page must do three things:

1.       Your potential customer must trust you.  How you design you site goes a long way to build a relationship of trust.

2.       You must convince your potential customer that they want what you are offering.  You need to give enough on the page for them to see the value in what you are going to give them if they will simply give you their email address, but not too much that they are satisfied without giving you their email address.

3.       Finally, you want the design of your Lead Capture Page to bring you qualified leads that want to hear from you again.  If you are selling hiking gear, wouldn’t you love to get the email address of someone looking to find out what equipment they need to go on an overnight trip?  Think about it, they are interested in your product line, they are looking for advice and they most likely don’t have the equipment or they wouldn’t be asking!  Now you have a direct link onto their laptop or their smart phone to give them deals on just what they are looking for.   If you give them value with each email, they not only will let you continue to market them, but actually look forward to your next promotion.  How much is that worth to your business?

Many local Janesville businesses overlook this resource and lose out on capturing these leads.  Don’t make that mistake.  The design of your Lead Capture Page is a valuable part of your overall internet marketing strategy for your local business.

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