Launch an SEO Marketing Campaign With Keyword Research

October 2, 2011 By Jim Internet Marketing / Keywords / SEO / SEO Services

Local Business together with SEO:  Launch an SEO Marketing Campaign With Keyword Research

Launch an SEO Marketing Campaign With Keyword Research

Here are three elements that will make the process of keyword research tailored toward possible SEO marketing tremendously easier. Don’t agonize over this — once you get started, you ‘ll find it’s easier than you may think.

Tools Are Important For Keyword Research!

Google’s Adwords for small businesses may charge a fee, but is one of the easiest, most thorough tools you can use to do your keyword research.  If you want to get your SEO marketing campaign going quickly, hiring an expert to do your research for you can take out the frustration as well as the time in the process. While you may feel tempted to engage in SEO marketing research all on your own using free tools, keep in mind the fact that your time is valuable, and weigh the costs of using that time to do your research versus using your time in a more profitable way.

Get In The Back Door Using Your Keyword Research.

If your business is in a specific niche– let’s say, restaurants in Madison, Wisconsin, then you may have a tough time attempting to outrank top competition. So, aim for the back door.  Think about putting to use the keywords that competitors might not have thought of, and think about utilizing various combinations of keywords to help your local business rank better.

Be Specific Incorporate Keywords!

Incorporate keywords so your site is easy for search engines to find. Using our Madison restaurant example, let’s say you offer sushi. Use combinations of the words “sushi”, “Madison”, and “Wisconsin” instead of just utilizing the word “sushi” to try to rank. Test this out for yourself: Type “sushi” into your search box, and look at what comes up. Next, type “sushi Madison”, and you ‘ll see some better results. Then finally, type “sushi Madison,Wisconsin” and you ‘ll see a comprehensive list of restaurants that rank for sushi in Madison, Wisconsin. Neglecting to be specific is a major waste of time and money, so don’t skip this step!

With just a little knowledge of your own, as well as a definite goal in mind and some professional assistance, you can oversee your research quickly and start optimizing– it’s money well spent, particularly when you take into account the fact that SEO marketing is one of the best ways to make your business, regardless of what it may be, stronger than ever.

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