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Do you have a WordPress website?  If you do, you have made a great choice.  WordPress websites are easy to use and easy for an owner to update. WordPress makes it possible for a business to take back the power of the internet from companies that want to charge you for every change or post you make to your website.  WordPress sites are powerful platforms and can be tailored to make a professional website that you can update and maintain the content yourself.

But with great power comes great responsibility.  Your website is becoming an increasingly important part of your business.  How good is your defense?  Do you have enough security for your WordPress Website?  Do you even know what to do to protect your website? Wordpress Security

Why do hacker’s attack?  The reasons are endless.   We can guarantee you one thing; it’s never to help you increase your business!  The second thing we will guarantee you is the panic you will feel when you do get hacked.  How do we know?  We’ve been there!  As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

If you’ve looked online for help you probably found a lot of technical jargon but very little actual help.  What’s a business to do?  That’s where Twin Oaks Marketing, LLC can help.  We specialize in WordPress websites and security to help you protect yourself from a brute force hack attack and many other types of attacks on your WordPress website.

Even with the best security in the world, if a hacker is intent on taking you down, they may succeed to some degree.  How long can you afford to be off line?  The wise business owner will have a secondary line of defense.  A recovery plan to limit your downtime is critical to minimizing.

With increased security on your WordPress Website to defend against a hack attack and a recovery plan to restore your site within hours, you can sleep easy.

Give us a call to see how we can help secure your WordPress Website.  Take the next step to your business safe and secure.  The WordPress Security Service we offer will be tailored for your company.  There is no cookie-cutter; one size fits all answer for WordPress Security.  Each business has its unique needs and should have its own unique security and recovery plan.  We’ll take a look at your needs and make a professional recommendation that fits your business.

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