Google Places & Local Directory Listing Setup

Google Places (Formerly known as Google Maps)

Find a local business near you!  Wouldn’t you like that business to be yours?  It doesn’t happen just because you are in business and in the Janesville area.  You need to take steps to claim your Google Places page and your listing in the local business directories.

There has been a huge shift within Google.  They are providing more resources to local business and providing a great resource for you.  This shift comes along with a set of rules that Google controls and change as they see fit.  It would be easy if they published these rules so we all knew what they wanted to see, but in all things Google, it is a guessing game.  We can take some of the guesswork out by following techniques that have proven to get results for others around the country.  We can help you navigate through the steps and claim your space on Google Places.

Google Places

Google Places is becoming a major player in getting found on the local searches.   Doing it right can get you in the top 10 and even the top 7 (Google’s “7-pack”) that will be seen on almost every smart phone.  Doing it wrong can take you off the map!   Once off, it can be difficult at best to get back on.

Local Directory Listings in addition to Google Places

We can help you get your listing in 140 directories in addition to Google Places.  This will put your business at your local customer’s fingertips when they are looking for your product or services.

Why are local directories important?  More and more people rely on the internet to find businesses even in their home town.  Why spend time looking for through the phone directory when your computer will do the searching for you.  This changes the rules.  The biggest and boldest ad is not king in this media; it is rather the first couple that appears on your computer screen.

Did you know that the first site that comes up on a search will get about 40% of the clicks?  Wouldn’t you like to be in that position?

Google Places and Directory Listing Strategy

It takes a strategy that is tailored for your internet marketing needs.  Getting listed in the directories should be an important part of yours.  Setting your directory listing up correctly can be an equally important step for your Google places page.  It could make a difference in where you land in Google’s 7-pack. Google Places, in concert with other services, can help you turn the internet into a great resource for your business.

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