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Twin Oaks Marketing  is a based out of Janesville Wisconsin and utilizes numerous methods and strategies to help bring new customers to their local businesses. Twin Oaks Marketing  is a unique company that uses traditional and non-traditional methods of driving traffic. We use the power of the internet to attract leads and clients to your business.

Traditional advertising is no longer as effective as it once was.

Have you noticed that all of the traditional marketing companies are scrambling trying to throw their hat in the ring of internet marketing; yet they really don’t know where to begin? They have, however, continued to raise your rates! Twin Oaks Marketing brings an affordable proven option to your local business. Most businesses know they should be doing more on the internet but they just don’t know where to turn. Internet Marketing IS our full time business, not our sideline.

We specialize in the use of local SEO, Google Places set-up and optimization, web video marketing, and many other strategies to drive traffic to your website. We have perfected a formula using the power of the internet to increase local sales.

Jim Jersild Owner Twin Oaks Marketing LLCThe owner of Twin Oaks Marketing, Jim Jersild, spent many years in Corporate America working for Fortune 500 companies in various  management and analytical positions. For the past few years he brought that experience to his own business of Internet Marketing. After watching friends who were business owners struggle with their online and mobile marketing Jim decided it was time to bring his experience and knowledge about the internet marketing world to help local businesses with their marketing efforts. The results have been amazing for the people he works with. Give us a try and see what Jim can do to help you grow your small to medium sized business!

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