Mobile Apps for Business

There are hundreds of thousands of mobile apps available to smart phone owners.  What does this tell us?  Mobile apps work!  If you don’t have a mobile app to reach out to your customers, you are being left behind!

Of all of the apps available to smart phone users, how many reach out to your customers to get them in your door?  If the answer is not a single one you may be losing customers to your competition.

Building a mobile app for your business can help you build a better relationship with your existing customers while connecting to new customers.  Bringing your existing customers back and keeping them engaged helps to increase your revenue.

What can mobile apps do for your business?

Mobile apps can push your promotions out to customers immediately.  You can use mobile apps to make it simple for your customers to order products or make reservations.  The possibilities are endless.

Mobile Apps JanesvilleIs business slow today?  Using your mobile app in harmony with SMS text messaging, can instantly give your customers an incentive to visit your business.  Not when they happen by a billboard, or are lucky enough to be listening to the radio when a commercial came on.  Mobile marketing is in your customer’s hand now… it’s personal, it’s important to them; they never leave home without it.  Get your message in their hands instantly!

64% of time spent using smart phones is spent on mobile apps.  If mobile is not part of your marketing strategy you are missing a big piece of the market.  Mobile apps and mobile marketing is quickly becoming more effective marketing than printed material.

Mobile apps allow small business to connect with their customers.  Connecting with your customers is key to being in the driver’s seat of your business.  How would you like to get coupons into your customer’s hands without the cost of printing?  Mobile apps!  How would you like to let your customers know of a special event that you are hosting without the price of a bill board or radio time?  Mobile apps!  How would you like to get rid of overstock or seasonal items quickly to move in the new?  Again, a mobile app for your business for this and much more!

Dollar for dollar, a mobile app can be the best use of your limited marketing budget.  You control what and when you want to push a promotion or service.  You can easily manage your own mobile marketing campaigns.

Twin Oaks Marketing specializes in getting small and medium businesses set up for success in mobile and internet marketing.   We can help with all your online and mobile marketing needs.

Your business success is as important to us as it is to you.  There is nothing more satisfying to us than to help you to succeed using the leading edge technology available.

Twin Oaks Marketing…. Your partner in internet and mobile marketing.

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