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What is Article Marketing and why is it important to your local Janesville business?

Article marketing is not new; it has been used since the inception of the modern printing business.  Newspapers and magazines have used articles to sell advertising in their publications.  You may have even participated in this type of marketing in the past.  You provide your local newspaper with an article related to your business, perhaps like a “how to” article, with the return of your business mentioned in the byline or in the article itself.  The community would see that you are an expert in your field due to the free information you provided and they call you.  The article has just created a new lead for you and that means more business.  What is new is the twist that the internet has put on article marketingArticle Marketing is an important part of your local business internet marketing strategy.  We can help you put this piece of the puzzle together to help increase your ranking in the search engines.

What is different about internet article marketing?

The internet today has a much bigger reach than your local paper.  It also is available to anyone that wishes to publish.  You no longer need to know someone at the paper and hope that they bestow the good fortune of publishing your article when they feel like doing so.  The control has shifted to the internet and is the wave of the future.

What a business man’s dream!  A customer that knows exactly what they want and they know that you can provide what they are looking for.  They are sold before they even call or come into your business, be it in person, by phone or via your website.

Article Marketing

But there are millions of other businesses on the internet, how do I get noticed in this smaller town of Janesville, WI?

Two words…. Google relevance.  How relevant is your site to the products you are selling or promoting?  Google determines this by comparing the article to the material on your site. They also look to see that other sites with information relating to your topic are linking to you, thereby determining that your site is popular. In Google’s eyes, all of this makes your site more relevant.  Therefore if you provide other sites with articles about your topic and point back to your site, you become more relevant in the eyes of Google and your ranking will follow.  This is where article marketing for your local business becomes a part of the equation.

With Article Marketing, Where do I publish these and can I do this myself?

There are thousands of places to publish your articles.  There are also hundreds of programs out there to teach you how to publish.  It is possible to do this yourself, but it is also very time consuming.    Different article sites have different page ranks themselves.  Getting your article published on a high ranking article marketing site is crucial to improving your ranking.

How can we help?

There are many nuances to article marketing that a professional internet marketer can help you with.  There are many pieces to the puzzle of improving your rank on your keywords on the internet.  Article marketing is one of the pieces and an important part of your overall internet marketing strategy.

We can help you sort out all the different aspects of article marketing on the internet for your local Janesville business.  First you have to find the topics to write about.  This takes some research on keywords.  You don’t want to waste your time or money having an article written about something that no one is looking for.  After you have decided what you want in your article, you need to decide where the best place to submit the article is so it will do your site the most good.

Now it’s time to write the article.  You’re not a writer you say?  We can help find someone who is experienced in writing for internet marketing.  We know what to look for and how to test a writer before you waste hundreds of dollars having bad articles written for you.

The key to article marketing is to create natural back links.  The more links you have from other sites, the better your ranking will be.  The links you have from high ranking sites will help your ranking even more.  It is important not only to get links, but to get links from quality sites.  Links must be built over time using natural methods.  Attempting to build links in a “black hat” method of link building will get you de-indexed in the search engines. Too much of that could even get you banned.

Article marketing can help raise your authority in your field, create natural back links and educate your potential customers all at the same time.  It is an essential part of your internet marketing strategy.  Let us help you do your article marketing right!

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