Web Video Marketing

October 27, 2010 By Jim Web Video Marketing

Web Video Marketing

Web Video Marketing is changing marketing on the web.  In the past, video was a novelty.  Now it is becoming a very powerful marketing tool for local business.  When YouTube started up, it was a cool place to post a video so that they world could see that you could play the guitar.  Or so that grandma and grandpa could see grand baby taking his or her first steps half way around the world.  But as in all things on the internet, it became clear that this could be used to for business to introduce themselves to potential customers, whether they are around the corner or around the world!  You really should consider this Web Video Marketing for your local Janesville business.
When one thinks of using video to promote a business, a TV commercial comes to mind.  This can be intimidating for many local businesses.  You don’t have the time, money or talent to act in a commercial.  This is only one type of video that can be used.  There are many types of videos that can promote your local Janesville business with Web Video Marketing much more effectively than a typical commercial.  They don’t need to be expensive or fancy.  They just need to convey a message that your potential customers are looking for.
Here is a simple and very effective video that we created for this very worthwhile charity:

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