Creating Videos For the Internet

November 30, 2010 By Jim Web Video Marketing

Creating Videos For the Internet

The increased popularity of the laptop and internet smart phones have resulted in more people using the internet. And perhaps the trend of watching videos on video sites like YouTube has encouraged people to make videos of their own. You don’t have to be a professional producer, director, or actor to make a video for the web. Many people are making videos. A person can make a video about practically anything.

A person can make a video to review a product. Visual product reviews can be more personal and demonstrative. Product reviews are more extemporaneous. Reviews like a lot of other video content are engaging.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube chronicling the experience of people with their hair. Such as people talking about their experience with growing out their chemically treated hair and going natural. For some people making a video about such things helps them to remember the journey, so to speak, for years to come. Sharing the video on the internet helps others by sharing knowledge with them.

Making video tutorials and sharing them with people on the internet can be extremely helpful. When words only go so far in explaining a technique or process visual aids can be of use. There are tons of video tutorials out there and many of them are free to watch and learn from. Many people use tutorials as teaching aids if they cannot afford to take classes for what they are interested in learning.

Internet videos can also be used as a tool to engage people in intellectual discussions or debates. For example some people make videos posing philosophical questions in hope of a response. These people sometimes receive responses in the form of a comment or a video response.

All a person really needs to make a video is a functioning camera that can transfer videos to a computer so that they can post them on the internet.

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