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You may think of Social Media branding or branding in general when you think of large corporations.  These large corporations have acknowledged the value of branding long ago and have spent millions of dollars to establish and maintain branding for their products.  As a small or medium size business you don’t have millions of dollars to spend on branding your company, but it is just as important to you as it is to those large corporate conglomerates.

So why is Social Media Branding important and how does it help you increase your bottom line?

Social Media Branding is an important tool to establish a familiarity with your business with your customers.  The more consistent you are with your branding strategy the more like you are to be instantly recognized by your customers.  The more you are seen, the more familiar people are with your business.  When people are instantly familiar with your business they become comfortable with you.  Comfort is an emotion, and emotion is one of the most powerful sales tools there is on earth.

Social Media is a revolution in marketing.

No other marketing strategy is so instantly connected and controlled by the people… your customers!  There is instant response and feedback from social media.  Many people will literally stop what they are doing and reply to a post on Facebook when it pops up on their smart phone.  No other marketing tool has ever been so personal, instant and far reaching that social media has become.  If you are not using this tool for your business, you are letting a large part of your market slip through your fingers.

Social media has been called the world’s largest focus group.  There is no getting around the need for social media in today’s business marketing.  No matter what service or product you are selling, your customers expect a social presence on Facebook, Twitter,  Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube to name a few.

Well over half of businesses surveyed said that the one position they would add to their company this year would be a social media manager.  It is that important to success for business today.

How does a business develop Social Media Branding without breaking the bank?

Twin Oaks Marketing specializes in all aspects of digital marketing.  We can help to get your brand spread across all of the social media platforms.  We can help to assure when you reach out to your customers, they will see a unified, consistent face for your business.

Familiar, comfortable, trust = sales.  Social Media Branding isn’t just for big business anymore!

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