Online Reviews, Bad Reviews and Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Do you have someone taking care of your Reputation Management or those bad reviews online?  Do you know what reputation management is and what it means to your company?  If not, then you may want to read further to find out what you are missing.  What can reputation management do for you?

In today’s social world customer reviews and remarks are becoming extremely important to your potential customers. People like to know how you treat other customers just like them.  This is great if you have wonderful reviews. Sadly, this isn’t always the case.

Bad Reviews

Online Bad Reviews

Happy customers will be nice to you and will come back and do business with you, but probably won’t be moved to write you a new and great review.  On the other hand, it doesn’t take much for a customer that didn’t get a big enough smile from your cashier, or didn’t get their meal as fast as they thought they should to write you a bad review.  As a society we tend to be very vocal about the negative. Readers find bad reviews easier to believe when we are looking at reviews.

False Or Fake Reviews

In addition to the hurdle of the honest to goodness reviews to deal with, some of you are dealing with less than scrupulous competitors who trash you with fake bad reviews.  Some of your bad reviews may be from former employees who have an ax to grind with you and discovered that they can use your website to get back at you!  Unfortunately, this can turn potential customers away.

You may think that you can’t do anything but wait it out.  Good luck with that!  I don’t think anyone can wait that long!  What goes on the internet stays on the internet.  You can try to rebut the remark, but does that ever sound like anything but whining.

old bad reviews

Help for those Bad Reviews

How do you turn happy customers into happy reviews?  What do you do about the bad reviews, whether they are true or not.  How do you turn your online reputation into a great asset for your business?  How do you know what is being said about your business on other sites.  It seems impossible to keep track of all of the ways people can trash you on the internet.

That is where a professional reputation management company can be your secret weapon.  Take your reputation management back and let a professional help you to get those reviews you deserve. You deserve a chance to present your best to customers.  Your online reputation can make or break your business.  Don’t leave this to chance.  Consult with our reputation management professional to see how to take control of your online reputation and crush those bad reviews online.

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