Mobile Web Marketing

Mobile Web Marketing

Mobile Web Marketing

A mobile website, do I really need one? Only if you want to stay in business!! Everything about the internet is changing the future of our business and mobile is no different. According to Morgan Stanley (State of the Internet)…Mobile will be bigger than desktop internet within 5 years. If you are doing business with anyone under the age of 30, you better move fast because they are way ahead of that curve. Everyone of you knows someone with a mobile phone that accesses the internet. When I am out shopping and I need a store that sells something I search my android phone and it tells me right where to find it. It will even give me directions to the company. BUT…only if that company has optimized their site for mobile marketing. If they haven’t, their page is too difficult to navigate and takes too long to load so I move on. Don’t let this be you! Call us today for a free quote and you will be surprised at how inexpensive it is to get your mobile website live!

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QR Codes

QR Code This goes right along with mobile web marketing, you’ve all seen them with some of the larger companies. Many companies don’t know how affordable this kind of marketing really can be. It’s another important tool for you to get your product or service in front of your target market. You can find them on flyers, coupons or on billboards in the store. If you have a smart phone you can quickly read a QR code and it will take you right to a mobile webpage to tell you more about a product, service or company. Some restaurants use them to display their menu while customers wait in line, other businesses add mobile coupons to their QR codes so they can market to that customer. Learn more about what QR codes are about and how we can put them to work for you.


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