Local business video marketing success stories

Local business video marketing success stories

Here are four stories of local business owners who have very successfully used the viral nature of video marketing using YouTube to market their businesses. I hope these stories will help inspire you to think creatively about how you can take your local business on YouTube to the next level and to actually believe that it can be done in any niche.

Video Marketing Works

1. Charles Smith. YouTube channel: smithpots

Ever since Charles Smith of Atlanta, Georgia started marketing his pottery business using videos on YouTube, he no longer has to go on long and expensive trips from town to town, hoping to get orders from art fairs and galleries. His videos attract buyers from around the world.   The best part is that it’s free!  Viewers are amazed to watch him create unique works of art from scratch and then shatter them to pieces at the end of the video.

2. Blendtec. YouTube channel: blendtec

This company based in Utah has had great success marketing its industrial strength blenders on YouTube.  They have generated almost five million views on some of their videos. They are unusual but highly entertaining videos dubbed “Will it blend?” showing its blenders attempt to blend just about any object imaginable from iphones to marbles. Retail sales grew from $ 2million to $ 10million in 2 years which is an excellant return on the $ 50 it cost to produce the original 5 videos that generated over 35million views.

3. Gdiapers YouTube channel: gdiapers
This company distributes eco-friendly diapers and realized videos were the right medium to educate its customers on how to use and dispose the diapers and to know a little something about the founders of the company. The company has enjoyed seeing its revenues grow in leaps and its videos become the most popular feature on its website.

4. Front Point Security YouTube channel: secureyourhome

This Virginia home security company struggled to explain the benefits of its user-friendly security system through the conventional way using sales personnel and so turned to producing short 2 minute instructional videos. These videos worked like a charm, increasing sales from its website by 250 % and received thousands of views.

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