Develop a Unique Advertising Campaign: Use the Facebook Advertising Platform

September 24, 2011 By Jim Internet Marketing / Online Marketing / Social Media

Use the Facebook Advertising Platform

With today’s internet technology use on the rise, more businesses are jumping on the social networking bandwagon. They are taking benefit of the world’s captivation with social networking internet sites like Facebook. People are using Facebook to hook up with their friends and loved ones members and to meet other individuals who share their interests. Businesses can use those connections to strengthen their exposure to a larger number of potential clients with Facebook advertising.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook advertising is a unique program for businesses that want to join with a smaller, more targeted demographic of individuals. Businesses can develop advertisements that may be linked to a Facebook page or an external blog or website. Clients can click on the link to get more info on the product or service. The advertisements appear on the home page or even in the news feed of the customer’s Facebook page.

Facebook is different from other platforms or programs in that it uses a Social Graph to allow its members to get messages only from their friends and other people they have as contacts in their groups. Formerly, individuals counted on email to communicate, but would have to deal with a lot of spam and useless mail. However, with Facebook, there is no spam or unwanted junk mail. The only ads that are displayed are chosen through a filtering process that uses detailed words the user puts in their profile.

How can businesses develop PPC (pay per click) advertising using Facebook Ads?

Businesses can build an account with Facebook, and then conclude what product or service they want to promote. They must first read Facebook’s terms and conditions because Facebook is very strict with their advertisements. Individuals use Facebook to get away from regular advertising. Businesses should understand this and be able to think outside the box when establishing their advertisements. Advertisements should be created in a way that will capture the user’s attention without making them seem like they are being promoted to.  Pictures help with producing effective advertisements.

When setting up ads to be placed in Facebook Ads, there are certain criteria that are used. The headline itself is limited to 25 characters and the body can be in paragraph form. The body has the ability to contain 135 words, which are more words than in other PPC programs. Use of images and photos is strongly encouraged for every advertisement. The most important feature of Facebook Advertising is the ability for businesses to select specific demographics so they may target select groups.

The most effective advertisements are the ones that make the reader feel like he or she is speaking to a friend– so forget the old ways of advertising, and have fun while your business develops!

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