3 Ways To Promote Your Local Business Online

November 22, 2010 By Jim Online Marketing / Search Engine Marketing

Advertise Your Business Online

If you have a local business and you are looking to reach out to the community by advertising your business online, there are 3 different things that you can do. With so many people using the web on daily basis, it is vitally important to advertise your business online to be successful and also competitive with other businesses in the area. All three of these things will help get your business and services attention in your area.

The first way to advertise your business online is by having a well put together website. One that is keyword rich in the services that you are providing along with the location that you are in, so that it comes up when people search for services in your area. Your website should be user friendly, informative, and have a place that allows questions, comments, and interaction with customers. You may want to spend the money to have it done professionally for optimum success.

Advertise Your Business Online by Networking

Secondly, you need to put your business on social networking sites, like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. Make your pages informative about your company and inviting to people who view it. Invite people you know and just random people in the area to be your friends, or become fans. Also promote events you are holding at your businesses location by sending invitations to all your friends through these sites. You will be reaching out to vast number of people.

Local Directories Help Advertise Your Business Online

Third, make sure that you are listed on all the local directories and business listings, along with your website. If you aren’t on these sites contact the web domain administrators so that they are sure to include you. That way when people are searching for things, like “dog grooming” and a select location, your business is coming up with others in the area. If you are a new business than they may not have you. People need to be able to find you to be able to use your services.

Today advertising must be be well thought out carefully planned so that you get the best return on your investment. When you advertise your business online with a reputable local SEO company the result is your business gets found by your future customers.

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