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If you ask most business owners what the best advertising is, they will tell you word of mouth.  There is no better customer for your business than one who has already been sold on your business from a trusted friend.

Welcome to the world of FaceBook graph search.  This is word of mouth advertising on steroids! 

What can a Facebook Management Service do for your business?

What a wonderful opportunity for business today to be able to have the endorsement of hundreds or thousands of “friends”.  It is hard to comprehend the reach that Facebook can have to promote your business.  If you are not actively involved in creating and maintaining a Facebook Fan base, you are missing one of the best opportunities to promote your business since the creation of the internet.

FaceBook Management Service Janesville This is one tool that is a definite must have in your business internet advertising strategy, if it is done correctly.  A business Facebook page has a tendency to be dry, uneventful and not very engaging.  You need a vibrant, engaging, fun page that your customers will take the time to like, comment and share with their friends. 

How do you maintain a business Facebook page that is interesting and engaging?  And who has the time to post on Facebook anyway?  You aren’t in the business of social media management; you are in the business of selling your own products and services. You have more than a full time job just managing your business!

That’s where we come in.  We are in the business of social media management.  We know how to get your customers to like, comment and share.  We know how to increase your Edge Rank and how to be seen on more of your potential customer’s news feeds.  We are on the cutting edge of social media management and can get your business there too.

Much of ranking of your website in the search engines rely on how much of a social footprint you have.  Are you relevant to your customers?  Are your customers talking about you?  Are your customer’s taking the time to like you?  What interaction are you creating with your customer base?  The Google search engine algorithms appear to be taking this into account more than ever.  Can you do better with your Facebook Fan base?

Facebook is also the perfect platform to launch a pay per click advertising campaign for your local business.  You can reach the perfect customer demographics.  Instead of putting a billboard up and hoping that the small percent of the general population that may drive by would be a customer, why not target them directly?

It is possible to get your advertising in front of your perfect customer, in the perfect demographics, and the perfect locations, spending only a fraction of what a billboard would cost.  We have the tools and technology to help you to target your audience, increase your ROI and decrease your cost per click.

Give us a call and see how we can help you. We are a Facebook Management service in Janesville, WI and we can help you with your Facebook page and social media marketing.

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