Effective Use of Keywords in SEO

Keywords in SEO

In this world of e-commerce where online marketing is at its peak, keywords in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an effective tool. The keywords act like the radar. The radar identifies the direction, range, altitude, and speed of the spacecrafts, ships, motor vehicles, missiles, etc. In the same way, the keywords in SEO, direct the internet surfer to land on certain websites or webpages.  It puts you on their radar and helps them to find their way to you.  Online marketers, advertisers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers make the fullest use of keywords in SEO to channelize their site so that their web pages become ranked into the top list.
Keywords In SEO

Essentials of Keywords in SEO Usage –

1: Your online success depends on the effective use of keywords in SEO. You are targeting a high ranking in Google and the other search engines, so you employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.  Keywords are your weapons to win the battle.

2: In the olden days, keywords were stuffed and sprinkled here and there all over the website for tricking search engines and thus gaining site rank high. Now, this cheat is considered black hat and not recommended. It can actually get you banned from the search engine.   You need to employ the keywords with a white hat approach to get the high rank for your website or webpage.

3: You need to determine which keywords would be used through by your prospective customer. The keywords the customers use to find the information or product are the “buzzwords”.  These are regarded as a SEO phrase, which is repeated to 3-5 percent in the articles in order to ensure the target audience is getting the intended results as well as to raise your page to the top list.

4: The keyword should be used in the first sentence of the first paragraph if it can be done in a natural tone.   Google takes into account the “initial snippet” and if the surfer uses this exact keyword phrase in his research, it appears in bold type.

5: Consider your keywords when building your page or your article. You should insert the keyword in the URL you are registering as well as in the titles, subtitles and in the tagging space. This should be observed specifically when the web property is 2.0 like Hub Page, Google Knol, or Squidoo lens.

6: The variety of uses of keywords in SEO is essential for the better SEO processing. Hence, select the keyword phrases that are of nouns and adjectives rather than verbs. Remember, SEO is a breathing and living process to generate maximum traffic for your website and its target is constantly moving. For the blog posts, you should include the keyword in the URL also.

How Many Times to Use the Keywords in SEO?

There are different opinions of SEO experts about the density of keywords in the article. Some think that that the keywords should be used about 2%; while the others advise that the keyword density should be around 10%. However, one thing is sure that you have to consider both the human visitor as well as search engine spiders equally while writing the article. In every condition, the search-bots look for your content’s relevancy in regard to the use of the keywords in SEO.  Excessive use of the keyword is not natural.  This will turn your reader off and will be tagged as “keyword stuffing”  by the search engines.  This will do you more harm than good.  So the rule of thumb for Keywords in SEO is to use your keywords in conversation and naturally.

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