5 Tips for On-Site SEO Strategies

On-Site SEO Strategies

Article Marketing for On-Site SEO Strategies

1.       Articles play a key role in On-Site SEO strategies.  You articles MUST be related to your subject in some fashion.  If you are a brick layer, you might want to write about the differences in brick, or how to use bricks in a landscape.  These articles should include the keywords you are trying to rank for.  The important tip to remember is that the key words should be used naturally.   Don’t try to stuff your keywords in.  This is unnatural and will be caught by the search engines.  You can do more harm than good if you do.  The search engines are not looking to see how many times you use your keywords.  They are looking for relevant, good articles that enhance the user’s experience.  The search engine’s focus is on your customer using the service, not you selling the service.  Keep that in mind when you are writing your articles.  Give your customer something useful.

Title Tags

2.        Title Tags should be keyword focused to compliment your on-site SEO Strategies.   What is your site about?  What is your main keyword?  You only have 60-70 characters to use in this title tag.  If your customers search for you by name, then that should be your title tag.  If they search for you by another keyword, such as painter, then that should be in your title tag.  This is a very important and should be well thought out and researched.
Title Tag used in On-Site SEO Strategies

Meta Description

3.       Meta Description is what appears in the first couple of lines when you come up in the organic search.  It is amazing how many of these are done poorly.  You only have a couple of seconds to catch the attention of the customer and convince them why you are the best choice.    This very important description is also read by the search engines to determine how relevant you are to the search being performed for your on-site SEO strategies.  It’s not as easy as it looks.  This should be well researched and your words crafted to entice the searcher to choose you.

Website Design using On-Site SEO Strategies

4.       Site Design is overlooked in many websites.  Make sure your web site designer creates your site using On-Site SEO Strategies.  You can have a beautiful, cool, flashy site but if the spiders can’t crawl your site, they won’t rank it either.  It would be like putting a great big, digital billboard in the middle of the desert.  It may get seen by those stumbling on it, but will not get the traffic that a well done billboard on the interstate will get.   Flash sites can’t be read by the spiders, they crawl text.  Ask your web designer what they know about SEO and what they are going to do to make it easier for you to rank.

Alt Text

5.       Alternate text (called “alt text”) are tags that you assign to your images.  They should be on every image on your site and they should be relevant to the image.  You can’t label a picture of an elephant as a balloon.  It doesn’t make sense and will not help your on-site SEO strategies effort.  It could end up lowering your rankings when it is discovered.  You also want your alt text to make sense for your non-visual users.  The automatic readers will read the captions of the pictures to your non-visual customers.  If your reader hears that it is a balloon, they will think it is a balloon and not the elephant that it is.  This may sound silly in this example, but it wouldn’t be very good for business if you were selling elephants!  This is an area that is often overlooked and discounted as not important.  Don’t make that mistake on your site.   Anything that you can to do to improve your on page SEO will help your site advance in the rankings.  It could be the difference of showing up on the first page or the second.  How many times do you go to page 2 for a search?

On-Site SEO strategies should be taken care of first before you move on to your off-site SEO strategies and we can help you with this when you utilize our SEO-SEM Services.

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